Let us not allow them to go anonymously.

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Soon a new law on the High Court will be passed. Among many constitutionally doubtful solutions presented there is the lowering of retirement age of the High Court judges to 65 years. Under this provision 34 High Court judges will be retired, unless the President takes into account their requests to extend the term of adjudicating. Moreover, the new bill allows retirement of judges of younger age as well.

The High Court judges about to retire are outstanding authorites on law, people of great merit for the Polish law and judiciary. It is an irreparable harm for the Polish judiciary and citizens, whose cases they decide upon.

Outstanding lawyers are to be removed from the High Court or to be subjected to the arbitrary decision of the President, a decision which will need no explanatory statement.

Therefore a group of members of the Society of the Polish Judges Iustitia, in cooperation with iudex.pl and the profile SSP Iustitia publishes bios of the most outstanding High Court judges who will be forced to retire by the new law.

Let us not allow them to go anonymously.


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